Virus that follows your keyboard

One of the trickier viruses out on the web is the Keylogger.

Obama puts Commerce in charge on personal web security

President Obama recently made the Commerce Department, headed by Gary Locke, the head of an ongoing project to create a cyber ID for all Americans, with the overall objective to make web browsing and computer safer. Other federal agencies considered for the project include the Department of Homeland Security and the National Security Agency, but Locke's proposals won Commerce the project.

Montana-based computer firm advises locals of viruses

Missoula, Montana-based computer firm Univision Computers recently alerted people about the threat scareware poses to their internet security, according to, a local news organization.

Microsoft Word RTF docs vulnerable to malware

Microsoft recently had to remind users to update Microsoft Office to remove a hole in the softwareâs handling of RTF documents.

New Trojan targets Android devices

A new Trojan that targets Android-based smartphones and devices has recently emerged, mobile security firm Lookout reports.

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