Malware attacks Internet Explorer exploit

According to an antivirus company, a new Internet Explorer zero-day exploit has emerged.

USB devices favored by cyber criminals

According to an antivirus company, USB devices are responsible for 12.5 percent of computer attacks, which exploit the Windows AutoRun function.

British Royal Navy website hit by hacker

The Royal Navyâs main website was recently pulled offline following reports that it had been compromised by a Romanian hacker.

Zeus malware still the biggest threat

According to an internet security firm, the Zeus Trojan remains the most commonly used and top-selling crimeware, despite recent victories by law-enforcement over crime rings that used the malware.

Boonana malware gets an update

A new variant of the Boonana malware, which can infect Mac OS X systems, has emerged, an antivirus company reports.

Election-related search terms targeted by blackhat SEO

Cyber criminals are targeting election-related search terms with a blackhat SEO scheme, reports the Tech Herald.

Zeus botnet swallowed by SpyEye

The infamous Zeus botnet is no more, reports internet security expert Brian Krebs.

WiFi spying tool allows access to wireless connections

The Vancouver Sun recently reported an extension created by a freelance software developer has enabled web browsers to spy on unprotected wireless connections. Eric Butler, the developer, stated that he created the application to highlight security issues, which will pressure people into using end-to-end encryption on their networks.

Bredolab creator also behind, say authorities

Last week, authorities in Armenia arrested Georg Avanesov for mastermiding the Bredolab botnet, which infected as many as 30 million computers worldwide.

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