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Preventing malware and adware downloads on computers

With more hackers and computer criminals online everyday, the average person has a lot to defend against when going online, Dennis O'Reilly of CNET writes. O'Reilly said if users keep up with the latest version of the antivirus software they use and be aware, that should keep away malicious programs, such as malware and adware.

Users should check for viruses before using new computer

Before starting to use a new computer, Andrea Eldridge and Heather Neal of the Nerd Chick Adventures blog on the Record Searchlight's website said users should install antivirus software and check for viruses.

Computer viruses have been known to come in the form of fake emails

A new computer virus is landing in personal email inboxes in the form of a fake message from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, according to the Austin Daily Herald.

Wales man falls victim to phone scam

Recently, there’s been a rash of plots from scammers who look past the internet and gadgets to a more traditional channel - phones.

Defense Department outlines steps to secure its networks

The Pentagon released its official strategy for cyberspace operations on July 14, detailing four steps it will take to protect the 15,000 U.S. Department of Defense computer networks.