Media and Entertainment are Favored DDoS Targets

Cyber attackers are increasingly targeting the entertainment industry to gain more visibility and acquire new supporters to their causes, according to a Prolexic report.

Japan Airport Employee Loses Security Pass Codes Memo before US President’s Official Visit

Japanese airport authorities have called a high security alert after a Skymark Airlines employee lost a memo containing security pass codes, according to The Japan Times.

30,000 US Students Affected by Iowa State Breach

A security breach at the Iowa State University exposed the social security numbers of 30,000 current and former students, according to an official news release.

AOL User Accounts Breached to Send Spam Emails

Several AOL users claim their AOL accounts have been compromised and are being used to send spam email to their contact lists, according to the LA Times.

First Arrests in HeartBleed Attack on Canadian Site

A 19-year old man has been charged for allegedly exploiting the HeartBleed vulnerability to steal information about Canadian taxpayers, according to a press release of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Google Scans Your Emails, New Terms of Service Say

Amid accusations of spying on users’ private content, Google has amended its Terms of Service to explain the issue of accessing users’ private information to display tailored advertising and other custom features.

German Aerospace Center Systems Found Infected with Spying Malware

The computers used by scientists and administrators from the German Aerospace Center were found infected with spying malware in an apparent cyber attack, according to German Magazine, Der Spiegel.

Nine Accused of Distributing Zeus Malware

The US Department of Justice charged nine people on allegations of intentionally spreading malicious software to steal millions of dollars from several high-profile US Banks, according to recently disclosed official documents.

OpenSSL Developer Expresses Regrets over Heartbleed Oversight

The OpenSSL developer who created the Heartbeat function – and, inadvertently, the Heartbleed vulnerability - has expressed his regrets for omitting it, according to The Guardian.

Hackers Accessed Financial Data of 25,000 Deltek Customers

The Deltek Company is currently notifying customers that their accounts may have been compromised after GovWin IQ web site has been breached by hackers, according to Federal News Radio. Close to 80,000 have their personal information at risk, as well as 25,000 their financial data.

Facebook Accused of Snooping on Private Messages

Facebook is being sued in a class action by some 18 million Canadian users for violating their privacy rights after allegedly intercepting their private Facebook messages, according to PCWorld.

Open SSL Vulnerability Patched to Safeguard Encrypted Data Transfer

A weakness in the popular Open SSL cryptographic library allowed third parties to zoom in on encrypted communications, according to

US Banks Told to Counter Risk of DDoS Attacks

US banks and financial institutions must now survey their networks for denial-of-service attacks to counter operational and reputation risks, announced the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC).

Hacker Claims to Have Developed a Method to Get Free Flights

A Greek hacker claims to have developed a method to get free flights by creating a fake boarding pass for Apple’s Passbook, according to ITNews.

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