Cybercriminals breached 1,000 Accounts of eBay's StubHub Tickets Marketplace

Cybercriminals breached 1,000 accounts of eBay’s StubHub , one of the largest online ticket marketplace for concerts, theater and sports, and made fraudulent ticket purchases, according reported the Associated Press via ABC News.

Facebook Testing a BUY Button for Direct Purchases

Facebook has announced it’s testing a new Buy button for direct purchases from within the social platform. The feature seeks to help businesses sell directly on Facebook on Pages and in News Feeds.

Chinese Claim Apple’s iPhone Location Services Pose a National Security Threat

Chinese authorities claim that Apple’s iPhone location services pose a threat to national security threat as they can track and time-stamp users’ location, according toMyBroadband.

Young Hacker Arrested For Largest DDoS Attack in Norwegian History

A 17-year old Norwegian was arrested for a massive DDoS attack that disrupted online services of several financial institutions and businesses in Norway, according to the

Chinese Businessman Accused of Hacking Boeing

Canadian police arrested the owner of a Chinese aviation company for allegedly stealing military data from computer networks belonging to Boeing and other US aircraft companies, according to Ars Technica.

Two Vulnerabilities in LastPass Fixed and Disclosed; Study Shows

Two vulnerabilities in the popular password manager service LastPass have been fixed and disclosed, according to ITWorld. Both were discovered last year in August and were immediately addressed.

In 90% of Cases, Communications Intercepted by NSA Belong to Regular Internet Users

Nine out of 10 individuals who had their communications intercepted by the US National Security Agency were not considered surveillance targets and were regular internet users, according to a Washington Post investigation.

EU Banks Should Steer Clear of Bitcoin for Now, Banking Regulator Says

Banks from the European Union are advised to avoid accounts in virtual currencies such as Bitcoin until a legal framework is in place, according to the European Banking Authority (EBA).

SEA Hacks Israel Defence Force Twitter Account To Spread False Nuclear Leak Warning

The Syrian Electronic Army hacked the Twitter account of the Israel Defence Force (IDF) and posted fake warnings about nuclear accidents, according to The Register.

Music Site Hacked and Turned Into Pirate Bay Proxy

An anti-piracy music site from Argentina was hacked and transformed into a Pirate Bay proxy after the owner sued the illegal downloads site, according to

Phishing Attacks on the Rise, APWG Warns

The number of phishing sites rose 10 per cent in the first quarter of 2014 compared with the same period last year -- and the US ranks first among countries hosting phishing sites, according to a report by the Anti-Phishing Working Group.

One out of Seven US Debit Cards Exposed In 2013 Data Breaches

Some 14 per cent of all debit cards in the US were exposed in financial services and retailer data breaches in 2013, almost triple the portion of breaches in 2012, according to a survey commissioned by the Pulse debit/ATM network company.

Microsoft Stops Sending Security Notes via E-Mail after Canada Toughens Spam Law

Microsoft will stop using e-mail to deliver its security notification service after Canada imposed some of the world’s toughest anti-spam laws, according to Computerworld.

Over 500 Million DogeCoins Mined on Vulnerable Synology NAS

Hackers have mined more than 500 million DogeCoins by exploiting a vulnerability in some Synology's network attached storage systems, according to PCMag's SecurityWatch. All mined DogeCoins are said to be worth over $600.000. The affected systems display certain lags and spikes in CPU usage.

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