Video shows potential computer virus attack

With global fears about potential cyber threats, one security expert recently created a video showing the process of a virus attack.

Top security threats for 2011 released

PCWorld recently released its list of major security threats for 2011.

Anonymous promises further attacks

The hacker group Anonymous recently declared attacks on major U.S. corporations and government officials.

Malicious advertising continues to increase

The amount of malicious advertising increased 100 percent during the fourth quarter compared to the previous one, according to a recent study by an internet security company.

France finance ministry attacked by cyber criminals

The government of France recently confirmed the occurrence of a cyber attack against the finance ministry targeting information regarding the G20.

South Korea hit by computer virus

According to multiple reports, 40 websites were recently attacked by a computer virus in South Korea.

Friendly hackers are not able to help federal government

Friendly hackers who could potentially help the U.S. Department of Homeland Security are unable to because of outdated policies, according to former DHS secretary Tom Ridge.

Malware scam attacks websites

According to Mail Online, a recent malware scam have have affected tens of thousands of computers through malicious advertisements.

Hacker group Anonymous strikes again

The hacker group known as Anonymous, recently attacked the Americans for Prosperity website, according to MSNBC.

Mac Trojan is discovered

A Mac OS X Trojan is currently wreaking havoc on Apple desktops and laptops, putting to rest the operating systemâs invulnerability.

Frost & Sullivan releases cyber security study

Frost & Sullivan recently released a new study regarding the state of cyber security worldwide.

Scammers are ready for tax season

As people are gearing up for tax season, so are computer scammers.

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