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Voices of America website attacked by Iranian Cyber Army

A group of computer hackers recently attacked the website run by Voices of America, sending its online traffic to a website supposedly operated by the Iranian Cyber Army.

New scareware spreading worldwide

One of the most widespread and dangerous pieces of scareware circulating the web is AntiVira AV, according to Web Wire.

New report sheds light on cyber crime

A recent report from an online security company sheds light on the current trends of cyber crimes.

Email receives the most cyber attacks

According to chief research officer Mikko Hypponen, data security attacks still occur mostly through email.

Scareware continues to trick

Scareware is generating millions of dollars for cyber criminals, and unsuspecting computer users keep falling for their traps, according to News Factor.

DARPA announces Cyber Fast Track project

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency recently announced it is launching a new project aimed at improving cyber security PC World reports.

Department of Defense establishes Cyber 3.0

The U.S. Department of Defense hopes to unite with private industries to combat cyber threats, according to Network World.

Search engines continue the battle against hackers

The global technology giant Google has almost cut the amount of malicious software affecting users of its search engine in half, according to Bloomberg.

Anonymous claims to control Stuxnet

The hacker group known as Anonymous claims to have access to the Stuxnet computer virus, according to the Guardian.

Scams for Valentine's Day

With Valentineâ─≥s Day here, cyber criminals will be out in full force trying to scam unsuspecting love birds any way they can, according to the Better Business Bureau.

Chinese hackers target Western companies

According to an internet security company, Chinese hackers recently targeted five large Western oil and gas companies.

Computer warfare is potentially a serious threat

According to the U.S. Militaryâ─≥s top computer warfare general, internet spam attacks could eventually become terrorist attacks and invasions.

Report: Half of PCs worldwide were infected in January

According to an online security company, 50 percent of scanned PCs worldwide were infected with malware in January.

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