Egypt unrest producing cyber attacks

Cyber criminals are taking advantage of the political unrest in Egypt and targeting users both inside and outside the country.

Carberp continues to evolve

The Carberp Trojan has evolved since it was discovered last October.

Report: corporate servers being attacked

A recent report by Akamai Technologies shows hackers are attacking corporate servers over mobile networks.

Experts warn users about spying webcams

Security experts have warned computer users with webcams that they may be in danger from hackers.

Fake antivirus hides in ads

A fake antivirus warning has been discovered, which is linked to ads.

Conficker worm may have met its match

Millions of computers remain infected with the Conficker worm, but there may be a breakthrough in the battle to stop it.

M&G website hit by virus

The Mail and Guardian website was recently compromised by hackers. The site was affected from January 21 until Monday January 24.

Bohu Trjoan bypasses clouds

Microsoft researchers have identified the Bohu Trojan as being able to block cloud-based technologies from functioning.

Twitter users are helping a worm spread through Google

A new Twitter worm is attacking consumers through Google.

Malware doubled in 2010

The amount of malware that appeared in 2010 was double the amount in 2009.

iPad hackers facing serious charges

The hackers that allegedly accessed 120,000 iPad usersâ data are facing charges and potential jail sentencing.

Anyone can become a hacker

Twenty-five years have passed since the Brain Virus, which was the first to infect a DOS-based PC, revealed itself.

Smartphone operating systems likely the next target

The success of iOS devices, such as the iPhone, iPad and iTouch may bring the need for better virus protection moving forward.

Smishing is a text message buyers should avoid

Online shoppers now must be aware of a new phishing scam that tricks them with their phones rather than emails, pop-up advertisements or social media messages.

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