Internet security firm reports big year for malware

While 2010 was a tough year in the fight against malware, 2011 might be even tougher.

Big buzz equals malware attacks for computer platforms

According to Venture Beat, the computing platforms that receive the most attention from the public in 2011 will also become targets for malware.

Internet Explorer 9 top malware-blocking browser, study finds

With malware running rampant around the internet, it can be useful to have more than just antivirus software for protection.

Botnet activity drops during holiday season

Botnets are among the most malevolent malware, taking control of entire computer networks, using them to publish spam.

Fake Facebook alert promotes false app, contains spam

Facebook has more than its share of spam and malware.

Google aims to prevent black hat SEO

Black hat search engine optimization poses a significant threat to anyone using a search engine, forcing Google expand its program to prevent users from clicking malicious links that lead to scams or malware installations, the company recently reported.

Mobile malware jumped in 2010, study says

Computers are not the only devices that cyber criminals target anymore.

UK firms confident about cyber security

Even though cyber criminals seem to get more creative each day, most UK businesses believe they have what it takes to fight back.

Gawker hacked, millions of passwords stolen, a popular gossip website, was recently hacked.

Malware targets WikiLeaks interest

An internet security firm recently discovered new malware that uses interest in the WikiLeaks website to spread.

New report says smartphones vulnerable to malware

Malware isnât just a threat for computers anymore.

DoubleClick ads feature hidden malware

An internet security company recently discovered that DoubleClick, an ad technology owned by Google, has been distributing malware, Wired reports.

Internet security firm warns of highly targeted attacks in coming years

An antivirus company recently released its predictions for 2011.

Zeus botnet goes after credit cards

The Zeus botnet has plagued peoplesâ bank accounts for months.

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