Iran admits to nuclear facility malware attack

President Mahmud Ahmedinejad of Iran recently said âseveralâ of Iranâs uranium enrichment facilities were attacked and damaged by malicious software.

New malware strain hits Windows 7

According to internet security researchers, an upgraded version of the Alureon malware is now targeting 64-bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Report details top threats in 2011

According to a recent report by an internet security company, cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated in their tactics, a trend that will emerge in 2011.

Facebook users should beware of malware, study says

While Facebook has been a frequent target for malware, a recent study shows just how vulnerable users of the site are to attacks.

Taekwondo disqualification leads to website hack

The official website of the Asian Taekwondo Union was recently hacked, the day after it posted an article in which it accused a Taiwanese athlete Yang Shu-chun of cheating.

Stuxnet one of most dangerous malware threats ever, experts say

According to the recent testimony of several internet security experts at Capitol Hill, the Stuxnet malware is one of the biggest ever threats to cyber security.

Malware rising, spam dropping says antivirus firm

According to an antivirus software company, malware levels are at an all-time high and are still rising.

Internet security researchers take out Koobface servers

Researchers at a Canadian internet security firm helped strike a major blow against the Koobface botnet.

Koobface malware raked in millions from Facebook, Twitter users

According to a recent report, the Koobface malware made more than $2 million between June 2009 and June 2010 through its botnet.

Malware crooks ally to send spam

According to an internet security firm, malicious spam is on the rise.

Malware poses as Nobel Prize ceremony invite

The Committee to Protect Journalists recently reported a new malware strain that lures victims through a fake invitation to the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony.

Researchers expose Android bug threat

Internet security researchers have discovered two bugs in Googleâs Android operating system that might allow attackers to install malware.

New spam scam targets Harry Potter fans

An internet security firm recently published a new advisory, warning Harry Potter fans about new spam that uses search engine poisoning to infect computers.

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