New cloud service battles botnets and malware

Endgame Systems has launched a new botnet and malware detection service called iPTrust.

IRS issues warning on new phishing scam

A new phishing scam targets consumers using the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System, according to the IRS.

Homeland Security, Department of Defense ally to fight cyber attacks

The Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security have agreed to combine resources in an effort to combat cyber threats

U.S. No. 1 in malware infections, study finds

In its semi-annual Security Intelligence Report, Microsoft found that the United States leads the world in both total infections and botnet infiltrations.

Phishing scam targets Blizzard gamers

An internet security company recently announced a phishing scam targeting users of Blizzard Entertainmentâs

Facebook goes after spammers in court

Facebook has filed lawsuits against two individuals and a corporation it accuses of spreading spam on the social networking site.

Experts: More mobile malware on the way

At the recent meeting of the Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group in Arlington, Virginia, internet security experts warned more malware targeted at mobile devices is on the way.

Cyber criminals breach whistleblower website

Cryptome has claimed the internet security breach it suffered recently was retaliation for the website posting sensitive documents.

Cyber criminals may turn attention to card data breaches

A debit card breach recently disclosed by the discount grocer Aldi may demonstrate how cyber criminals are turning their attention to data breaches.

Spam levels drop in early October

The amount of spam circulating the internet dropped significantly during the first week of October, according to estimates from an internet security company.

One-time use passwords aim to make Facebook more secure

Facebook will soon give users one-time, disposable passwords

U.S. tops list of spam-producing countries

According to a study by an internet security company, the United States produced 18.6 percent of the worldâs spam in the third quarter.

Alliance kicks off Cyber Security Month

The National Cyber Security Alliance recently kicked off its annual National Cyber Security Awareness Month event.

Five key players in Zeus plot arrested in Ukraine

Authorities may have made the most significant arrests to date in the plot to use the Zeus Trojan to steal millions from banks and other organizations in the United States.

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