08 Nov 2010

British Royal Navy website hit by hacker

The Royal Navy’s main website was recently pulled offline following reports that it had been compromised by a Romanian hacker. The hacker, who goes by the monikor TinKode, reportedly stole the login credentials of the site’s administrators.

The website was changed to a static image telling visitors that it is “undergoing essential maintenance.”

TinKode posted evidence that he hacked the website on the internet. This attack would not be his first on a military website. According to an internet security firm, he had previously posted data on SQL vulnerabilities in sites operated by the U.S. Army and leaked security hole on NASA’s website.

According to the internet security site, TinKode’s motives seem to be more mischevious than malicious. With his level of access, the hacker could easily have planted malicious links or Trojans on the Royal Navy website.

The breach comes at an embarrassing time for the British government. Last month, the UK published its National Security Strategy, which placed cyber security as a “highest priority for UK national security.” The strategy listed cyber crime as a greater threat than chemical, biological and nuclear weapons attacks.