01 Jul 2013

Bitdefender Wallet – Safest Way to Store Your Passwords

People instinctively keep their wallet close. It holds identity on a card, their credit cards and lots of hints of their personal life in the form of business cards, receipts, gift or membership cards, or photos.

The lines between the real and the virtual world nowadays are becoming blurred. And that’s why Bitdefender has created Wallet, a utility that ships with the New Bitdefender.

Acting a as a virtual wallet, this tool secures people’s identity, money and other personal items they keep in the on-line  setting by offering a secure encrypted environment for users to gather and store all their sensitive data in handy place.

People can use Wallet to store bank account numbers, PINs, credentials for websites, e-mails, subscriptions, applications or wireless networks, keeping all sensitive data together and encrypted in a single location locked with a master password. Instead of numerous passwords and usernames, people only need to remember one password to access the Wallet.

Moreover, Wallet can also automatically fill them out in users’ browsers or favorite applications, e-mail clients or websites and save people the hassle of having to manually log in into those accounts. 

Plus, Wallet was created to open through Bitdefender Safepay, the secure browser that activates automatically during online transactions, making online banking and shopping experiences pleasant and safe.

Sealing sensitive information away from prying eyes and recalling the data automatically whenever necessary is both secure and time-saving. And let’s face it, remembering all passwords to all out account can be pretty challenging!