12 Apr 2011

Anonymous to halt attacks against PlayStation Network

The hacker group Anonymous recently announced it will temporarily cease attacks against Sony’s PlayStation Network.

Anonymous stated that hacking the network would affect innocent players. Although some hacks will likely continue, they may not be associated with Anonymous. The Group first initiated attacks against the PlayStation Network because of Sony’s treatment of the public and PlayStation users. The group claims they are on the side of the gamers, leading to the announcement of stopping its attacks.

Sony issued a statement saying its network problems were due to malicious activity and that the company is investigating the situation.

“The fact that their litigation demanded information on everyone who had viewed the material was completely unacceptable,” said Anonymous. “This is a threat not only to the gaming community, but to freedom of information in general.”

Last month, Anonymous attacked the Americans for Prosperity website, which is funded by billionaire brothers David and Charles Koch. The website was compromised by a denial of servicer attack. Anonymous claimed the attacks were warranted due to organization’s undermining of the political process in Wisconsin.