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"We wanted to find a top rated antivirus scanning engine with strong detection rates and fast scanning performance that would allow us to expand into new markets"

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Re-branding, Co-branding, or Private Labeling

Leverage Your Brand

Re-branding, co-branding, or private labeling can increase revenue and market growth. Adding antivirus security to your existing product line allows you to expend into new markets, increase revenue, and enhance your market opportunities.

You may be interested in leveraging your own brand recognition to increase market growth by adding products that can enhance your market opportunities. Some of our partners have grown their revenue and increase customer loyalty by offering existing customer or attract new prospects to security products without investing huge technical resources to maintain or support the product. Other partners use their online or retail distribution channels to reach new markets. Bitdefender provides you full control over what features you want to integrate.

Why Private Label, Rebrand, or Co-brand

  • Increase revenue by easily increasing your product portfolio footprint.
  • Add incremental revenue with existing customers.
  • Expanding into new markets by leveraging your brand.
  • Enhance your product offering into new markets.
  • Improve brand recognition within existing customer base.
  • Quickly enter new markets without huge investment resources.
  • Does not require heavy technical resource requirements. (depends on implementation)
  • No need to create and maintain an antivirus lab 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • No investment required to continuously improve detection technology.
  • Use award winning, certified products that are consistently ranked high for detection.

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