Bitdefender Wins AV-TEST #1 Spot in Protection and Performance

17 February 2014

BIDEFENDER HQ, February 17, 2014 – Bitdefender, the innovative provider of antivirus software solutions, was confirmed as the global leader in its field after winning awards for both protection and performance in 2013's independent home user trials by AV-TEST. Bitdefender earned perfect scores for protecting users against malware and zero-day attacks and maintaining the lowest possible impact on the system.

Bitdefender Extends Antimalware Support for XP Users

21 January 2014

BITDEFENDER HQ, Jan. 20, 2014 – Bitdefender, the creator of innovative global antivirus solutions, announced it will continue to provide free antimalware support to Windows XP users for as long as 32 months after Microsoft ends support for XP SP3 and Office 2003. Support for older Windows SP versions (SP2 and SP1) has ended in 2010 and 2011.

Bitdefender Technology Bolsters Panorama9 Defenses

12 December 2013

Panorama9 IT management platform incorporates Bitdefender Client Security for Endpoints

focusIT chooses Security-as-a-Service for AWS by Bitdefender

03 December 2013

Security for Virtualized Environments replaces traditional security and delivers highly rated integration with Amazon Web Services

Bitdefender announces significant price drop for Security-as-a-Service for AWS

05 November 2013

50 per cent price reduction means affordable security for DevOps, Startups and Enterprises building solutions on Amazon EC2

Bitdefender launches GravityZone-in-a-Box to protect virtual, physical and mobile environments of Small to Medium Businesses

09 October 2013

Bitdefender, the creator of leading antimalware solutions, today launched GravityZone-in-a-Box to protect and improve performance for small and medium-sized businesses that require security solutions for virtual, physical and mobile environments from a consolidated management platform.

Bitdefender injects aggressive changes to Partner Program as company secures several #1 awards

02 October 2013

Renewed Bitdefender Partner Advantage Network offers cutting-edge support to partner sales

Bitdefender Upgrades Mobile Security for Android with Privacy Advisor

27 August 2013

Bitdefender Mobile Security keeps an eye on your apps with Privacy Advisor

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