BitDefender Finds Win32.Induc.A Puts Delphi Compilers at Risk and Compromises Legitimate Applications

20 August 2009

The virus, called Win32.Induc.A, spreads by infecting systems that have the Delphi compiler (versions up to 7.0) installed.

BitDefender Total Security 2010 Offers Consumers Maximum Protection, Speed and Usability

18 August 2009

New features include industry first user profiles which custom tailor the program to match users needs, advanced active virus control to detect new threats, and optimized scanning that speeds on-demand scans

What Every Student And Parent Should Know When Buying a Laptop for College

10 August 2009

School environments require proactive antivirus protection, according to BitDefender

BitDefender Malware and Spam Survey finds E-Threats Adapting to Online Behavioral Trends

03 August 2009

Changes in content and distribution medium found in BitDefender survey

Trojans Total Half of BitDefenders Top Ten E-Threats for July

30 July 2009

Conficker gains a position, while Trojan.Clicker.CM tops the list for the second month in a row by bypassing popup blockers

BitDefender Detects New Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Malware

27 July 2009

New malware causing serious damages to computers, steals financial information

BitDefender for HTTP Proxy for Linux Released to Select Beta Testing Teams

14 July 2009

BitDefender for HTTP Proxy offers Select SMBs a First Look at New Malware Protection Technology for High Volume HTTP Network Traffic

Trojans Total Half of BitDefenders Top Ten E-Threats for June

07 July 2009

Confickers domination is dwindling, while Trojan.Clicker.CM heads the pack by bypassing popup blockers

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