New VB 100% Certification for BitDefender

03 June 2005

Professional Plus was granted the VB 100%

Giving Back to the Community

02 May 2005

Open Source Module Released with BitDefender for Samba File Servers

New Romanian Virus Speculates On Iraqi Crisis

24 April 2005

Spreading high, deletes files as well, say BitDefender Labs

Promotional Alert

21 April 2005

Team BitDefender to Attend InfoSecurity Europe

Sober.N virus spreading fast

18 April 2005

Sober.N virus spreading fast

BitDefender Gets VB 100% Cert Yet Again

05 April 2005

BitDefender for Samba Proven to Work, Every Time

ISA 2004 Protected by BitDefender

03 April 2005

BitDefender Launches ISA Server Antivirus

XP Home Users To Be Protected By BitDefender

23 March 2005

BitDefender Strikes OEM Deal With Microsoft Romania

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