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Troubleshooting offline clients

  1. Make sure that the client machine was rebooted after deployment.
  2. Make sure that the client machine is turned on.
  3. Make sure that the BitDefenderManagement Agent component is installed and running on the client machine. If it is not, you will need to uninstall the BitDefender Business Client (if already installed), install the Management Agent and then the Business Client.
  4. Ensure that either no 3rd-party software/hardware firewall exists between the server and the client; if one does exist, ensure that the Agent's communication port is opened on the firewall.
  5. Ensure that the client is set to point to the correct Enterprise Manager server. To do this, go to the client and open the file C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\BitDefender\Enterprise 3\Agent\agent.xml. In this file,look at the <Connection> tag, the server's IP and the Agent communication port should be there.
  6. Make sure the communication is not filtered/blocked by any other equipment. From a command prompt window telnet the server's IP on the agent port ( telnet SERVER_IP AGENT_PORT). If the communication is working the window should turn black. If you receive an error message the communication blocked.

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