I/O errors in the scan report

The BitDefender scanning engine includes the number of I/O errors in the Statistics section of the scan report. An I/O error is counted everytime the scanning engine is denied access to a file. The files for which an I/O error is returned include the operating system files, the files in use, and the user-protected files.

  • Operating system files: The files are in use by the Windows operating system and the scanning engine is permanently denied access to them. For example, the paging file used for storing the system virtual memory is inaccessible to the antivirus.
  • Files in use: The files are in use by other software and the scanning engine is temporarily denied access to them. For example, using an editing software during a scan will deny the access to the files opened in the editing software. Closing the editing software before starting the scan will allow the scanning engine to access these files.
  • User-protected files: The user initiating the scan is denied the access to the files. For example, although a user is allowed to scan the files contained in her home folder on a file server, she will not be able to scan the files from the other users' home folders stored on the same file server.

To reduce the number of I/O errors, close all other software before intiating the scan.

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