Casos de estudio Bitdefender

Thisted Municipality chooses Bitdefender for improved performance and centralized management

Thisted Municipality is a Danish municipality in the Region of Nordjylland. The Centre for IT and Digitization needed a security solution that would ensure the protection of all municipal employees regardless of location. Descargar caso de estudio

Bitdefender enables Danish government adopt virtualization securely

Modernization Agency brings together the Ministry of Finance work with financials, agreements and management in the Danish state. The State’s large virtual environments are among those being protected by Bitdefender GravityZone Security for Virtualized Environments (SVE), the solution that manages and ensures security of the virtual environments, works with all types of hypervisors and solves the traditional challenges in virtual environments. Descargar caso de estudio

New malware threats prompts The Clipper Group to select Bitdefender security

The Clipper Group is a global leader in bulk shipping that operates some 150 ships and has more than 1,500 employees working on the ships and in the offices in nine countries. The IT department began in 2013 to seek a new security solution for their extensive network that spans four continents. Descargar caso de estudio

Customer chooses Bitdefender to centralize management and increase security

Olympus Milk Factory from Brașov is the largest and most modern of all the group factories, with 70% of production exported in Europe, USA and Australia. With 90% of the systems migrated to Microsoft Windows Professional, the Olympus wanted to ensure that the IT staff was able to centralize control and provide strongest antimalware protection without slowing the network. Moreover, the company wanted to move to a cloud solution. Descargar caso de estudio

Centralizing security management for financial services organization

Nairobi-based, Synergy Industrial Credit Limit (SICL) is a non-banking financial services company that provides funding to businesses in the development and growth of Kenya. IT operations must be reliable and safe for their employees and customers. Descargar caso de estudio