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Facebook Follower Scam Prompts Victims to Inject Themselves with Dangerous Code
More than 17,000 Facebook users were tricked by a bold scam that promised them over 100,00 [...]
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In the wake of Heartbleed, watch out for phishing attacks, disguised as password reset emails
Everywhere you look people are panicking about the Heartbleed bug. And, to be fair, it is [...]
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Caution Advised as Heartbleed Poses Serious Security Threat
A potentially damaging flaw has been discovered with the OpenSSL libraries that will likel [...]
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Instead of Football Matches, Apps Play Unauthorized Code
The highly anticipated World Cup 2014 may turn hazardous for smartphone-wielding fans, acc [...]
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Bogus Paid Antivirus App Tricks 10,000 Users
An illegitimate paid antivirus solution called Virus Shield was spotted retailing at $3.99 [...]
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Bitdefender Blocks .rtf Exploit
Bitdefender has added detection to all products for code exploiting the recently revealed [...]
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Trojan Promises Naked Videos of Facebook Friends
More than 2,000 people have been tricked into installing a Trojan after clicking on a new [...]
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Digging into Facebook ads: finding clues that indicate a scam pattern
The paper by Bitdefender developer Andrei Serbanoiu, titled Digging into Facebook ads: fin [...]
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Icepol MDN – A Server Snapshot
Bitdefender researchers have gained access on September 26, 2013 to the disk images of a s [...]
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On the Cryptolocker Takedown #fail
Bitdefender researchers have identified a number of domains which are still hosting Crypto [...]
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