Seven Sneak Attacks Used Today…

by Dan Lowe, on 21.10.2013

Criminals keep on innovating to lure you into their trap. Watch out for their latest tricks! read more

Overcoming the Antivirus Emulation Defense

by Dan Lowe, on 17.10.2013

Cybercriminals are bright and have learned how to overcome some virus defenses. read more

Clueful no longer available on the App Store

by Catalin Cosoi, on 30.06.2012

As you may have noticed, as of today at 4:46 PM PST, Clueful is no longer available on the Apple App Store. read more

Romney Defeats Gingrich in US Spam Primaries 45% to 33%

by Bitdefender Security Specialists, on 09.02.2012

Romney wins Most Mentioned Politician status in spam read more