Ask Us Anything about Security Day! Bitdefender’s security analysts are ready with answers

by HOTforSecurity, on 25.09.2015

Bitdefender security experts Bogdan Botezatu and Liviu Arsene will happily answer all questions related to security and cyber threats via Facebook and Twitter on Sept.28, celebrating “Ask a Stupid Question Day,” an event created by US teachers in the 1980s to encourage students to ask more questions in the classroom. ”The only stupid question is [and#8230;] read more

Gamers Feel Unsafe About Their Personal Data; Lack Confidence in Developers’ Security Measures

by HOTforSecurity, on 24.09.2015

Some 86 percent of gamers expressed concern over personal data on the Internet, but data security was one of the lowest priorities when purchasing games for nearly half of all respondents, according to a survey by PlayFab. Nearly 60 percent cited cost and game play experience as the first or second most important factors when selecting [and#8230;] read more

Companies Don’t Know Location of Sensitive Data, How to Find Breaches

by Business Insights, on 24.09.2015

The inability to identify critical assets or data and to properly react to security breaches is a major deficit of all companies, from small to large. Attackers targeting non-critical systems could gain access to confidential business information that should otherwise be stored on a segregated network or infrastructure. The disclosure of classified information could have devastating consequences for a company’s financial health. read more

IT Talent Creates Major Hub in the IT World in Central, Eastern Europe, Bitdefender founder says

by Business Insights, on 22.09.2015

The Central and Eastern European region has become a major IT hub, spurring the international expansion of successful technology start-ups, particularly from Romania. Internationally acknowledged talent in software development has created a highly lucrative opportunity in Romania for technology investment, says Bitdefender’s founder, Florin Talpeș. read more

Gartner on security: You WILL be breached, so make sure attackers linger no longer

by (Damase Tricart), on 22.09.2015

At the Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit in London last week, Gartner’s Neil McDonald shared a novel approach to security with a packed room of CSOs and IT professionals. read more

Tainted Xcode IDE Tricks Apple Developers to Submit Malicious Apps in App Store

by HOTforSecurity, on 21.09.2015

Apple’s App Store has been riddled with malware following a large-scale attack caused by malicious code, dubbed XcodeGhost, embedded in legitimate applications. By tricking legitimate developers to download a tainted version of Apple’s Xcode IDE (integrated development environment) and#8211; used to make app development easier and#8211; attackers were able to embed their own malicious code [and#8230;] read more

Computer-controlled medical devices and healthcare industry under fire from cyberattacks

by (Liviu Arsene), on 18.09.2015

The healthcare industry has been reportedly under constant cyberattack, with 67 percent of healthcare executives deeming system-infecting malware as their top security concern, according to KPMG. Another 32 percent say they worry about medical device security. read more

iOS, Android Top 10 Travel Apps Allow Hackers to Manipulate Data, Create Malicious Versions, Study Shows

by HOTforSecurity, on 18.09.2015

The most-used mobile travel apps can be modified and manipulated to perform in ways that the developers had not intended, exposing millions of users to several security risks including data theft, according to research by Bluebox. As market data from App Annie show, the top 10 traveland#38;local apps in Google Play Top App Charts are [and#8230;] read more

Are Endpoint Security Clients Still Relevant?

by (Dan Lowe), on 18.09.2015

Though there are many different articles pointing to security hacks by proficient online criminals, does that mean you should stop protecting your endpoint devices? Well known attacks against Target, Home Depot, Sony, and others show us that business computer systems can be compromised. There is no shortage of attack vectors as mobile devices will emerge as the next criminal growth opportunity. IT people, security administrators, and business owners are very busy, as it’s hard to keep up with the multiple operating systems, heterogeneous IT environment, and latest online threats. But creating malware is a profit-making industry that will continue to flourish. read more

Employees Say Employer’s Security Approach Hurts Their Productivity

by HOTforSecurity, on 18.09.2015

More than nine in 10 employees say their productivity is affected by security measures employers put in place, and some 92% feel negatively impacted when required to use additional security for remote work, according to a survey by Dell. Some 87% said their corporation prioritizes corporate security over employee convenience. Recent studies show that companies see [and#8230;] read more

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