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Dangers of Rooting Your Mobile Device

by Dan Lowe, on 14.10.2013

Often times you may not want the wireless provider and/or handset manufacturer to limit control over the device. read more

Bitdefender. Best Protection with Minimum Impact on Resources

by , on 11.09.2013

In the quest for the ultimate security solution, today’s users want two features that may seem to conflict: flawless protection and minimal impact on resources. read more

Clueful no longer available on the App Store

by Catalin Cosoi, on 30.06.2012

As you may have noticed, as of today at 4:46 PM PST, Clueful is no longer available on the Apple App Store. read more

5 reasons you should get a security solution for your mobile device

by Ligia Adam, on 02.04.2012

If you were allowed to take just one thing with you to a deserted island, what would that be? read more

Malicious Activity Catches Wave of Android Popularity

by Bitdefender Security Specialists, on 22.02.2012

Android may have arrived late to the mobile operating system party, but it quickly made up for lost time. While old-school OSs running on smartphones such as the good-old Symbian have faded away, Android’s adoption rate has become so steep that it’s now on 53% of the worldwide mobile devices, including tablets, as revealed in the Q3 2011 Gartner Report. read more

The Nortel Hack: How Did It Happen?

by Catalin Cosoi, on 16.02.2012

The Wall Street Journal’s revelation that Nortel Networks Ltd., the Canadian former telecommunications giant, suffered attacks that gave hackers access to pretty much any company documents they wanted for nearly 10 years read more

Romney Defeats Gingrich in US Spam Primaries 45% to 33%

by Bitdefender Security Specialists, on 09.02.2012

Romney wins Most Mentioned Politician status in spam read more

The Psychology of Personal Information Sharing

by Sabina Datcu, on 08.02.2012

Social Networking is this century’s ideal communication environment, offering a range of opportunities for sharing personal information and getting in contact with other users. According its own statistics, Facebook had more than 750 million active users worldwide in 2011, meaning that 1 in every 9 people on Earth is using this network. Twitter has also gained momentum as a communication medium: in June 2011, there was an average of 200 million Tweets per day, and the number is continuously increasing. read more

Android "Bouncer" is a welcome step, but it may not keep users safe on its own

by Catalin Cosoi, on 03.02.2012

Securing the Android Market is a good idea. But it doesn’t eliminate the need for a security solution installed directly on the device. According to our stats, only 0.5% of known malicious apps were found on Google’s Android Market. Because people will always search for the best choice, they are likely to install applications from other third-party markets as well - which means they are still at risk from malware. read more

Daily "Did you know?"

On July 31, 2008, the Koobface computer worm started to target users of Facebook and MySpace; and new variants still constantly appear.


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  • Catalin Cosoi
    Chief Security Researcher
  • Dan Lowe
    Dan Lowe, an OEM Senior Marketing Manager, has been working with Bitdefender for the last 3 ½ years. His familiarity with multiple security products from Firewalls to Antivirus has provided him a unique perspective on the security industry.
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    Security Evangelist and Social Media Professional
  • Loredana Botezatu
    Loredana Botezatu – E-threat Analyst – Loredana has been writing about the IT world and e-security for well over five years. She has made a personal goal out of educating computer users about the ins and outs of the cybercrime ecosystem.