Getting More Mature About Info Security

by (Shaun Donaldson), on 01.10.2015

How mature is your organization’s cyber security program? It’s a relevant question, especially considering how data breaches have become increasingly prevalent and more damaging for organizations. read more

Hillary Clinton targeted in malware attack? Don’t speed too fast to that conclusion

by HOTforSecurity, on 01.10.2015

If you believe some of the headlines being bandied about in the last 24 hours, a group of Russian hackers targeted Hillary Clintonand#8217;s controversial personal email server while she served as US secretary of state. But Iand#8217;m not sure thatand#8217;s quite true. Yes, it does appear that Clinton received a series of emails in the [and#8230;] read more

Detection and Response: The cybersecurity imperative

by Business Insights, on 30.09.2015

Let’s face it, when it comes to building a solid cybersecurity program, defense alone isn’t enough. Eventually, despite the best of skills and intentions, an attacker will find their way in. While few would argue that statement isn’t accurate, surprisingly few organizations have put in place to adequate response for when the inevitable does happen. read more

TrueCrypt Vulnerabilities Allow System Compromise, Researchers Warn

by HOTforSecurity, on 30.09.2015

Two new security vulnerabilities affecting free encryption tool TrueCrypt may allow attackers to obtain admin-level privileges and install malware on the machine, security researchers say. Two vulnerabilities (CVE-2015-7358 and CVE-2015-7359) in the driver that TrueCrypt installs on Windows systems have recently been discovered by James Forshaw, a member of Googleand#8217;s Project Zero team. Exploiting them [and#8230;] read more

USA hits Russian with 4.5 year prison sentence in Citadel malware case

by HOTforSecurity, on 30.09.2015

A US court has sentenced a Russian man to four years and six months in prison after he admitted using the notorious and sophisticated Citadel malware to commit fraud. 22-year-old Dimitry Belorossov, also known as and#8220;Rainerfoxand#8221;, had pleaded guilty to committing computer fraud, gaining access to over 7000 computers. In addition to his prison sentence [and#8230;] read more

Research Shows Business Executives Are Worried About Cyber Security—And With Good Reason

by (Shaun Donaldson), on 29.09.2015

What worries business executives the most these days? Lots of things, but cyber security breaches are certainly among the key concerns. read more

How to Mitigate Human Errors for Better Data Security

by (Alexandra Gheorghe), on 29.09.2015

If you asked any CIO to identify the one risk influencing all security incidents, the response would be simple: human error. read more

Experts Say Mobile Payment Data Breaches will Grow, Yet Use It, Study Shows

by HOTforSecurity, on 29.09.2015

Some 87% of security specialists expect to see an increase in mobile payment data breaches over the next 12 months, yet 42% of respondents have used this payment method in 2015, according to the 2015 Mobile Payment Security Study from global cybersecurity association ISACA. Source: Pixabay Only 23% believe that mobile payments are secure in [and#8230;] read more

New Type of DDoS Attack Uses Mobile Ad Networks

by HOTforSecurity, on 28.09.2015

A new type of distributed denial of service attack has recently been reported by CloudFlare, involving the use of mobile advertisement networks and funneling traffic from real users. Although the reported attack only lasted a couple of hours, the company reported more than 275,000 HTTP requests per second, peaking at 4.5 billion requests during a [and#8230;] read more

17.6 Million U.S. Residents Fell Victim to Identity Theft in 2014, Says DOJ

by HOTforSecurity, on 28.09.2015

Around 7 percent of U.S. residents have fallen victim to identity theft during 2014, while 86 percent of victims experienced the fraudulent use of existing credit card or bank account information, according to a study published by the U.S. Department of Justice. While the number of elderly victims that fell for identity theft to 2.6 [and#8230;] read more

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