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aprox 52Kb
(Worm.Mac.Autostart.A, Worm.MacOS, MacOS/Autostart.B.W, MacOS/Autostart.D)


       Periodic unexplained high disk activity leading to system lock-ups in some situations.
       Hidden items in the root of  infected volumes:
           * DB
           * BD
           * DELBV

Removal instructions:

Please let BitDefender disinfect your files.

Analyzed By

Daniel RADU, Senior Virus Researcher

Technical Description:

      This worm affects computers running MAC OS with PowerPC processors with QuickTime v.2.0 or later installed and enabled CD-Rom AutoPlay feature.
      When an infected media is attached it will run the invisible malware file in the root of the media, which can be named:
         * DB;
         * BD;
         * DELDB.

If the host computer is not infected it copies itself to the extensions folder ("/System/Library/Extensions/") with one of the following names:
        * "Desktop Print Spooler";
        * "Desktop Printr Spooler";
        * "DELDesktop Print Spooler",
and this copy will have the hidden/invisible attribute set.

      After having itself in the extension folder it restarts the computer. At each restart/start of the computer it will get launched but it will not appear in the list of processes.
     At certain intervals it will scan and infected mounted volumes.