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    Presence of the NewDotNet directory in the Program Files folder which contains three files: newdotnetX_xx.dll,readme.html,uninstallX_xx.exe(where X_xx is the version) and the file sporder.dll in the Windows\system32 directory.

Removal instructions:

    The safest way to remove Application.Adware.NewDotNet.B is to use the add/remove software program list or to launch the uninstaller automatically wich is located either in Program Files\NewDotNet\uninstallX_xx.exe or Windows\NDNuninstallX_xx.exe) (where X_xx is the version).

    If you try to delete the files manually you will get a error message since both newdotnetX_xx.dll and sporder.dll are in use.

Analyzed By

George Nechifor, virus researcher

Technical Description:

    The name of Application.Adware.NewDotNet.B.Dropper is given to programs that come in package with the adware from like RealOne, AudioGalaxy, KaZaA, iMesh, Grokster, BearShare, Babylon,Radlight and others.

    Application.Adware.NewDotNet.B is a explorer hijacker that adds subdomains of  '' to you local name resolution system resulting in the system being to resolve names ending with (.shop,.xxx,.club and so on). Also when you type in to your adress bar a keyword it enables searching and redirects you to and displays results for you rearch. The problem is that the search page is filled with links to spyware/adware programs and the results of the search are also sponsored links that may install spyware/adware on your computer. Also the sporder.dll library which enables the extended name resolution may cause system instability and if it is removed manually may disable you computer's internet connection.