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~7 kbytes
(Worm:JS/Yammaner.A@mm; Email-Worm.JS.Yamanner.a; JS/Yamanner@MM virus; Worm.Yamanner.a; JS/Yamanner.A.2)


   If you receive an email from having the subject "New Graphic Site" then this email might be infected with this worm and opening it will make possible its spreading to other contacts in your address book (if using Yahoo! Mail).

Removal instructions:

Keep updated the software installed on your computer.

Please let BitDefender delete your files.

Analyzed By

Dana Stanut, virus researcher

Technical Description:

    This is a script written in Javascript that arrives on the user's computer in an email that appears to be sent from having the following subject: "New Graphic Site" and body "this is a test". When this email is opened the script tries to exploit a vulnerability found in Yahoo! Mail service. If this vulnerability is found, then the malware will gather all the contacts from the address book of the currently logged in user whose address belog to and domains. Then it will send itself by email to all these contacts with the subject and body mentioned above. Next the user will be redirected to hxxp://www.av3.[removed] and the contact list is uploaded to this site.